We supply the ARCAL range of gases, giving customers access to a globally recognised high quality range of welding gases delivered with an excellent local standards of service and reliability.

In-Spec Manufacturing Ltd is a provider of high quality steel fabrication, welding and marine services based in Middlesbrough using the ARCALrange of welding gases, a premium brand for gases and gas-based solutions related to arc processes used for welding and cutting.

In-Spec Manufacturing Ltd are committed to quality and full compliance to UK regulations, with an uncompromising attitude to safety and environmental impact. The quality assurance the ARCAL gas range gives to customers was very important to In-Spec Manufacturing Ltd due to their focus on high quality and compliance.

In addition to the cylinder package benefits, the robust supply chain offered by Energas from the local depot to In-Spec Manufacturing meant key decision makers for the company. They immediately saw an opportunity to achieve improvements for their welding operations by switching welding gas supplier and using the Energas ARCAL range of cylinders.

"The weight, size difference, portability and stability of the ARCALTM 33 litre 300 bar cylinders versus the previously used lower pressure 50 litre cylinders makes the site work and set up so much quicker and safer. I have no intention of reverting back to the old large, heavy, 50 litre cylinders.” Lee Wild 

Since we have switched over from the standard 50 litre, 230 bar gas cylinders to the 33 litre 300 bar ARCALcylinders with the built in regulators supplied by Energas I’ve noticed a significant cost saving on regulators as we currently have 14 welding machines on the go.

The snap on connector and built in regulators are so user friendly saving on production time. Also the ease of transporting the smaller cylinders to and from the gas store is much easier and safer for the welders/platers. We also use the ARCALcylinders on a lot of site works, currently on the River Ouse Bridge where we have to man handle the cylinders to the desired locations.

The weight, size difference, portability and stability of the ARCAL 33 litre 300 bar cylinders versus the previously used lower pressure 50 litre cylinders makes the site work and set up so much quicker and safer.

Lee Wild - In-spec manufacturing Ltd

Why choose Energas?

Proven technology meets expert advice

Energas is a recognized player in this market, backed by years of experience in the gas industry. We provide the gases, equipment and support to meet the industry’s needs.

Safe & reliable

We place the safety of our customers and employees as our top priority. Via in-house manufacturing expertise and partnerships with market references, we can provide leading-edge and reliable gases and equipment to our customers.

Flexible & adaptable

We offer a wide range of gases: Industrial, Food Grade, Laser and LPG (Butane and Propane). We pride ourselves on offering a responsive, high quality and local service with a personal touch.