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"The weight, size difference, portability and stability of the ARCALTM 33 litre 300 bar cylinders versus the previously used lower pressure 50 litre cylinders makes the site work and set up so much quicker and safer. I have no intention of reverting back to the old large, heavy, 50 litre cylinders.” Lee Wild 

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In-Spec Manufacturing Ltd, a provider of high quality steel fabrication, welding and marine services based in Middlesbrough, are a highly valued Energas customer for the ARCALTM range of welding gases.

Danny James of Energas, presented the features and benefits of the ARCAL range of 33 litre 300 bar welding gas cylinders with built in regulators to In-Spec Manufacturing Limited. The quality assurance the ARCAL gas range gives to customers was very important to In-Spec Manufacturing Limited due to their focus on high quality and compliance.

Lee Wild of In-Spec Manufacturing Limited explains his thoughts on the benefits of the ARCALTM range of gases and cylinders and his satisfaction since switching to the Energas and ARCAL combination.

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