An easy way to order

You can access your online ordering portal 24/7, 365.

Full details of how to access are provided in your Welcome Email.

Can’t find your welcome email or forgotten your password?

No problem, just follow these simple steps.

Anytime, Anywhere


I can’t find my Welcome Email?
1) Check your Inbox: you can try searching for “Energas” or “Portal”.
2) Try your Spam folder.

I forgot my password?
Go to and click on log in button and then “Forgotten password”. Enter your registered email address (the one you use to access the portal) and we’ll send you a password reset email.

I’ve read the guide but am having problems getting set up?
Please contact us; our Customer Services team can support you through the
set up process.

I placed an order online, how can I be sure it went through?
Check your Inbox: there should be an order confirmation. If you don’t receive an order confirmation, please contact us to check whether your order went through.

Not all my gas products are listed on the Portal?
Please contact us so we can correct it.