Laser Gases

All our gases have been developed by Energas according to laser manufacturer requirements to ensure peak performance from your laser. The choice of gas will determine the reliability of your laser, the lifespan of your optics and output power.

  • A choice of gas purities and package sizes are available with higher purity gases available for more demanding laser applications.

  • High purity nitrogen and oxygen for assist use are available in cylinder packs as:

    • N50 Nitrogen (99.999%) which ensures you always achieve the best quality of cut, reducing or removing the need for later rework.

    • N35 Oxygen (99.95%). Industrial Oxygen may show a variable cut quality. Can increase cutting speed by between 10 and 40% with a better finished cut quality.

  • All process gases are available in convenient packages designed to ensure peak cutting performance by optimising pressure and flow rates.

  • Higher capacity gas packs mean longer cutting time between changes.

The Importance of Gas Purity

Energas understand that gas purity is essential in achieving peak laser performance.

All gases are strictly controlled to minimise the content of impurities such as moisture and hydrocarbons which reduce laser power and overall performance.

Every cylinder or cylinder pack is a strictly dedicated package to ensure product purity is maintained at all times.

The safe use of laser gases

Safety around lasers must always be taken seriously. In addition to the safe operation of your laser it is important that all operators and owners of laser equipment understand the role played by laser gases and are familiar with the safe use of these gases.

Gas Safety:
Gases play an essential part in the function of industrial laser equipment. The safe operation of your laser depends on :

  • An understanding of the properties of the various gases in use

  • Knowledge of the risks associated with the handling of these gases

  • Safe cylinder handling 

  • The safe operation of gas control equipment

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