Energas is a proud member of the UK LPG supply chain with a long and positive history of supplying domestic customers with LPG for home heating, cooking and water heating as well as for BBQ’s. Whether it’s for your primary home or your holiday home, LPG provides and flexible and cost effective solution for all your heating and hot water needs.

It is a clean, low carbon energy source providing an easy to access energy solution for many domestic customers. It can provide an off grid solution for rural homes or an alternative to existing energy sources.

LPG has many benefits for domestic customers as follows:

Environmentally friendly:

  • LPG is generated as a bi product of methane production during the refining process

  • Readily evaporates to prevent environmental risk in the event of a spillage  

Lower Emissions:

  • 35% less than coal and 12% less than oil

  • 90% less Carbon Monoxide and 50% less smog than mains natural gas

Cost Effective Installations:

  • LPG installation costs are lower than electric or oil installation costs

  • LPG tanks can be left in situ for 30 years, oil tanks have a much lower life expectancy

  • Range of cylinders sizes to suit your everyday and seasonal needs

We offer a wide range of cylinder sizes to suit all our customers needs.

By achieving BS EN ISO 9001@2008, Energas has demonstrated how important its commitment is, to supplying the goods and services our customers have come to expect.

Why Choose Us?

Certified Gases

Energas meets the highest benchmark for gases safety and quality

Industry Expertise

We provide a responsive service with experienced advisors that deliver tangible efficiences to your business

Innovative offers

We bring new products and innovative offers to our customers that really make a difference and meet your needs.

Safety & Technological Expertise

Rely on us to provide safe and reliable guidance for selecting the right products and services for your requirements


Intuitive products that are easy to transport, ready to use and easily accessible

Diverse Offer

We offer gas cylinders in various volumes and concentrations and all associated gas handling equipment