Forklift trucks (FLTs) are an important asset to your business and it is essential to choose the right fuel for cost, efficiency and environmental reasons. Energas offer a full range of LPG cylinders suitable for use with FLT’s..

LPG cylinder supply is the ideal fuel as it is:

  • Powerful and reliable fuel source

  • Cleaner

  • Compact

  • More Efficient

  • Cheaper than Diesel

  • Reduced Capital Investment when compared to Electric options 

  • Gives operational flexibility 

Whether you operate a single FLT, a couple of FLT’s or a large fleet, Energas have an LPG cylinder supply to suit your needs.

  • Initial Lower Costs with LPG cylinder supply

    • No storage tanks to install and maintain

    • No bulk orders for higher volumes of gas than you will need in the near future due to flexible and regular deliveries available from Energas

    • With an LPG cylinder supply there is no need to pay for costly recharging equipment, batteries or battery disposal 

    • LPG FLT’s usually cost less to purchase and maintain than diesel and electric equivalents

  • Cleaner

    • LPG produces less CO2 emissions than diesel, improving your carbon footprint. 

    • LPG does not leave a soot like residue on the products you move with your FLT’s

    • LPG produces fewer PM10 particles for improved air quality for your staff and their working environment. 

    • LPG eliminates the risk and inconvenience of costly spillages.

  • Fast and simple FLT refuelling

    • Refuelling your FLT with LPG is done simply by changing the cylinder over

    • Quick, easy and completed in minutes

    • No batteries to charge as with electric FLT’s

We offer a wide range of cylinder sizes to suit all our customers needs.

By achieving BS EN ISO 9001@2008, Energas has demonstrated how important its commitment is, to supplying the goods and services our customers have come to expect.

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