In 2015, 1,600 million tons of steel were used worldwide. More than one-third of which was destined for the metal fabrication industry, a highly diversified market in every sense. Actors range from SMEs to multinationals. End products vary from nuts and bolts to plane components. Manufacturing processes extend from basic welding to specialized laser cutting. In addition, companies must comply with strict environmental and safety regulations in a competitive business environment.

Providing over 100 years of experience

Because the metal fabrication industry is diverse, Energas is aware that fabricators need a trusted gas provider capable of addressing the complexities of each customer’s manufacturing projects and cycle. We do just this with a leading range of premium gases that meet each strict demand for safety, quality, productivity and cost efficiency.

A global network of more than 200 metal-fabrication specialists

Further, as an historical supplier of solutions in welding & cutting we leverage our over 100 years of experience partnering with fabricators to continually improve our offer.

Our network of 200 metal-fabrication specialists, supported by our 9 R&D centers, are located around the globe at the service of the metal fabrication industry.

Covering critical steps of metal fabrication

To transform raw materials into machines and structures, metal fabricators use various processes that require industrial gases. This is where Energas steps in to cover three critical stages in the manufacturing cycle.

Cutting of metallic raw materials is a process in which the metal fabricator turns sheets, tubes, coils and workpieces into the desired profiled size for the job at hand. At Energas, we offer solutions for thermal cutting based on our customers’ preferred source of energy:

  • Flame using a range of oxygen and fuel gases that improves cutting processes in terms of safety, quality and productivity

  • Laser using a range of oxygen, nitrogen, helium, argon and carbon dioxide gases and mixtures thereof, that  optimize quality and speed and minimize costs of specialized laser cutting jobs

Arc welding is the main focus of metal fabrication. In this process, formed and machined parts are assembled, welded into place, and then checked for dimensional accuracy. Arc welding uses electric arc discharge to melt metals. For this application, we offer our leading brand of shielding gases (argon and argon based mixtures), compliant with ISO and AWS standards. Best fit for GMAW and GTAW processes.

Heat treatment is a process used to improve the physical  or metallurgical properties of materials. It is usually undertaken in a controlled atmosphere. To this end, we offer a range of metal heat treatment solutions encompassing gas, related equipment and services for value-added processes.

Further, we adapt our supply modes to the needs of our customers. Gases can be delivered in a variety of ways, ranging from small cylinders of compressed gas to SKID TANKs and large bulk tanks of liquefied gases for customers consuming large volumes.

See our welding gas selector guide to find which welding gas is suitable for your metal fabrication application.

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