Nitrogen is mainly found in the atmosphere, where it accounts for 78 % by volume of the air we breathe. But nitrogen is also found:

  • in the Earth's crust, to a limited extent (in the form of nitrates, etc.)
  • in organic form (in the living or dead plants and organisms which form humus)
  • and in mineral form (ammonia), and thus contributes to soil fertility. In gaseous form, nitrogen is a neutral and colourless gas. It is inerting and does not sustain life.

Main Applications

Annealing - Neutral
Injection moulding
Plasma coating
Balloon Gas
Laser cutting
Plasma cutting
Pressure Testing
Neutral Hardening
TIG root shielding

Availability of Supply

We offer the ‘everyday delivery’ or collection possibility from our network of Regional Service and Supply Centres. The product is available in

200barg for LASALTM with Scandina Guard

230barg or 300barg packs (x6, x12, x16)

230barg  and  300barg single cylinder

We also offer Liquid Nitrogen in 240L, 600L and 950L mini tanks

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

SDS include information on product ingredients, physical and chemical properties, potential effects on toxicology and ecology, identification of hazards, handling and storage instructions, as well as personnel protection recommendations and information related to transportation requirements, first-aid and emergency processes.

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