Welding Procedures & Specifications

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Terms & Definitions

Universal welding standards

Universal welding standards:

• EN ISO 15610
• EN ISO 15611
• EN ISO 15612
• EN ISO 15613
• EN ISO 15614 series

Application standards:

• EN ISO 17660 (reinforcing steel)
• ASME BPVC section IX (pressure vessels)

Approval range of a PQR (welding procedure)


• related to the manufacturer
• related to the parent materials and thickness
• related to the type of joint
• related to the welding process
• related to the filler materials and shielding gas
• related to welding parameters (heat input)
• related to post weld heat treatments


Key steps in the process of Welding Procedure development

1. Draft a preliminary procedure (pWPS)
2. Weld a test piece
3. Verify the quality (lab testing)
4. Approval of the test result record (PQR)
5. Define the range of approval (code related)
6. Approval of the procedure (WPS)
7. Use the WPS in any project 

Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)

Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)

For a given application, the main way of ensuring adequate weld quality is to specify the procedure and the skill level of the welding operator. The key document is the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) which details the welding variables to be used to ensure a welded joint will achieve the specified levels of weld quality and mechanical properties.

Like a recipe for welders, these procedures provide clear direction for welders to make quality products that are up to code and industry standards. They will include welding parameters, details and information that are required to make a desired weld.

These are proven and tested procedures that include but are not limited to, information such as the materials needed, the tools required, the processes to follow, the techniques to employ and finally confirmation of the desired outcome.

The WPS is supported by a number of documents (eg, a record of how the weld was made, non destructive testing, mechanical test results) which together comprise a welding approval record termed the WPAR (EN ISO standard) or PQR (ASME standard).

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