Carbon Dioxide Cylinders for L2P Product Line

Energas are delighted to be working in partnership with Karcher UK for the L2P Dry Ice Cleaning machine product line.

We Make It Possible

Kärcher is renowned for developing innovative solutions which has made us the world market leaders in cleaning technology. However, that's not all that matters to us, our active commitment to the environment, culture and sport is just as important as the cleaning performance of our products. As a globally active company with more than 11,000 employees from over 130 countries, it's the family owned company at our roots which allows to really make a difference.

Whether every day or deep cleans – whatever the cleaning challenge or industry, our products and services help do the job simply, safely and with maximum quality.

Our patented dry ice cleaner IB 10/8 L2P is a technical revolution. For the first time you can use the superb cleaning performance of dry ice blasting spontaneously at any time and without long preparation. The IB 10/8 L2P is always immediately ready to use because it produces the dry ice pellets on demand. This unique device also requires very little compressed air during operation. With this and other special properties, our IB 10/8 L2P makes dry ice blasting attractive and economical for many target groups and applications.

Dry ice cleaning combines a strong cleaning performance with maximum protection of surfaces. With dry ice you can thoroughly clean lots of materials such as metals, plastics, wood, glass or textiles to an immaculate finish.

How L2P Dry Ice Blasting Works:

The abbreviation L2P stands for “Liquid to Pellet” and therefore for the direct conversion of liquid CO2 to dry ice pellets. A patented compressor unit integrated in the device produces the dry ice pellets directly from the CO2 in the gas cylinder – does not need to be stored, but available on demand and without delay. Compared to traditional methods, this saves the entire logistics costs and storage in refrigerated containers. Loss of dry ice through sublimation is prevented.

Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting

Cleaning without disassembly: machines do not need to be disassembled for cleaning. The pellets also reach into tiny corners.
Short downtimes of the machines thanks to fast and effective cleaning.
Environmentally friendly cleaning without additional chemicals or spray agents.
Surfaces are not damaged.
No residues: dry ice sublimes completely into CO2. There are no residues, e.g. spray agent or waste water.

Our Carbon Dioxide cylinders available from Energas to support Karcher L2P customers are specifically designed to suit the dry ice cleaning application:


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