Choosing the right cutting process is important. Product parameters such as surface finish of the cut edge, dimensional stability and distortion can all be important, whether it’s a finished product or just a stage in production. Process parameters are also key to ensure optimum production and operational efficiency.

Energas supply a range of gases for use in cutting processes. These include simple gases for use in oxy-fuel or oxy acetylene processes, right through to more complex mixtures for use in plasma or laser cutting applications.

No matter what thermal process you use to cut metal, there may always be scope to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Energas can review all the parameters you have to manage for your cutting operation and offer their advice on improvements on key issues:-

Many companies still manhandle loose cylinders on a daily basis, when perhaps another form of supply may be more cost effective.

As well as separate cylinders, Energas can supply cylinder bundles of both single and mixed gases to suit your production needs.

Allied with a simple manifold and distribution pipework, not only does it maximise working time, but also has the benefit of a single shut off point when the equipment is not in use.

Unlike minitanks, cylinder bundles allow you to use all of the gas you pay for. Minitanks have gas losses as they have to boil off excess pressure, which means you pay for gas that is lost to the atmosphere, making each cubic metre of gas you use actually more expensive than may at first appear.

Backed by a team of local and worldwide based cutting experts and a wealth of testing facilities, Energas works with our customers to reduce costs associated with cutting by optimising performance.

For all your cutting operations In order to minimise cost, maximise profit and reduce downtime talk to the experts at Energas.