Energas, as experts in gas applications, have developed a range of gases based on customer needs to support you whilst going about your daily tasks.

Key factors have all been taken into account when building our gases and equipment range to suit the HVAC and
Refrigeration market and its operating requirements:

  • Product suitability

  • Ease of use

  • Plug and Play

  • Cylinder portability

  • Readily accessible products

Advice and support on compliance and on selecting alternatives post legislative changes is also available:

  • Industrial Gases for leak/pressure testing and brazing

  • Gas Equipment including Regulators, and Personal

  • Protection Equipment

  • Gases Safety Training

Products and Services designed to meet the needs for HVAC and Refrigeration backed up by high standards of delivery through our direct and indirect network of distribution points

The HVAC and Refrigeration Industry and its contractors faces challenges on a daily basis such as:

Meeting response times
Access to products to suit repair and maintenance needs
Environmental issues
Pressure for Energy Efficiency improvements
Consumer demands for improved sustainability
Move to smaller charge sizes and reduction in leak rates
Requirement for improved competencies for Refrigeration and
Air Conditioning engineers via more in depth and intense training programs
Stricter control on record keeping for systems and personnel involved with
HVAC and Refrigeration

Our experience and product offers cover from single cylinder rent and or purchase, associated equipment,
technical support and gases engineering installation management. As Safety comes first with Energas
you can also rely on us for gases safety training and advice on health, safety and environmental compliance.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) and Refrigeration are key elements for our health, wellbeing and comfort in our daily lives

Our domestic, commercial and industrial properties are heated, ventilated and often air conditioned. Our food supply chain is comprehensively supported with chilling, freezing and controlled atmosphere storage facilities in
addition to cool chain transportation and refrigerated display units for retail purposes.

Refrigeration forms a major part of many industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing processes. Many types of vehicles are now air conditioned to assist with passenger comfort across a wide range of temperatures and seasons.

The installation, maintenance and servicing of HVAC and Refrigeration systems is now a highly important activity to
support our every day existence.

Energas offers a wide range of gases and equipment to support the HVAC and Refrigeration industry and
community Whether you are installing a new system, retrofitting new products to an old system, maintaining and or servicing, Energas can support you with your operational requirements.

For your flexibility and to suit your operating parameters, we offer a comprehensive range of supply modes including cylinders, drums and bulk deliveries.


Pressure Testing/Leak Detection Gases:

We offer the following gases for pressure testing and to aid leak detection in a range of package sizes and types. The use of gases for leak detection shows considerably improvements over and above using a leak detection spray giving rise to many benefits to the contractor and system owner:

Oxygen Free Nitrogen (OFN) imagery
Oxygen Free Nitrogen (OFN)
5%H2 in N2 for Leak Testing imagery
5%H2 in N2 for Leak Testing
Nitrogen/Helium Mix imagery
Nitrogen/Helium Mix
Refrigerant Gases imagery
Refrigerant Gases

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