Argon Mix

Energas supplies argon and argon mixtures in various volumes and purities. Argon is used as a protective atmosphere for industrial processes such as steel manufacturing, welding and metal fabrication, electronics and automotive parts manufacturing, food preservation and wine making.

Our most common brands are:

- ARCAL Range (CO2/AR or O2/CO2/AR)
- MIGWELD Range (CO2/AR or O2/CO2/AR)

In case the gas you are looking for is not listed, we do provide special welding mixtures on requests.

Argon Mix
Supply Options
Single Cylinders

Pression: 200, 230 & 300 bar

Cylinders Pack

Pression: 200, 230 & 300 bar
Pack of: 6, 12 & 16

Delivery Options

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Main Applications
MAG Brazing
MIG Welding
Plasma Welding
MAG Welding
Plasma coating
TIG root shielding
MAG Welding
Plasma root shielding
TIG Welding

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