Engweld and midland welding join the Energas brand
Engweld and midland welding join the Energas brand / 22-11-2022

Energas branding

Engweld and Midland Welding join the Energas brand! 

We want to inform you about an exciting rebrand we are undertaking in our Industrial Gas, LPG and Equipment business. 

Moving forward we will be joining Energas, Engweld and Midland Welding together under a single brand: Energas: your local Gas & Equipment experts 

Why are we rebranding?

The rebrand allows us to combine our Industrial Gas, LPG and Hardgoods portfolios so that you can easily get all of these from the one place. We also want to have a single clear brand in the market so our customers know who we are and what we do: Everything Gas 

I’m a customer of Engweld, Midland Welding or Energas: what do I need to do?

Absolutely nothing! We will continue to work the same way we do today, the only difference being everything will be branded Energas. You will also be able to more easily combine your Gas and Equipment needs and get everything during the same visit or phone call. 

When is this happening?

The rebrand is already underway; if you visit our Hull site you can see firsthand the new-look Energas! We will continue to roll out our new look across all our sites throughout 2023.