300 Bar EXELTOP™ Packages for ARCAL™ Welding Gases

300 Bar 33 litre cylinder for easier handling and transportation
Contains a similar amount of gas as a standard 50L cylinder
Quick connect feature reduces cylinder changeover and downtime
On and off switch from a single quick action
Includes the innovative EXELTOP™ cylinder top with an easy to use, built in regulator
Built in advanced two stage pressure regulator for precise flow control
Available in Argon and Argon Mixtures from our ARCAL™ Welding Range
No more regulator purchases or repairs required as built into the package
Gas is compliant with BS EN ISO 14178:2008

EXELTOP™ integrated valve is packed with features designed to make it safe and easy to use, whilst saving both time and money.

Key Features of EXELTOP™
1. Protective metallic casing gives complete protection of the integrated valve and regulator.
2. Built in regulator allows the user to accurately adjust the pressure/flow using the handwheel.
3. The flowmeter allows the welder to precisely set the flow rate to suit the welding process.
4. Integral gauge enables the user to easily view the cylinder contents without the use of a regulator.
5. On/Off Lever – the cylinder can be opened and closed in a single action and provides a fast acting emergency cut off.
6. Quick connection saves time and allows rapid change over without any tools.