When the safety, health and wellbeing of your welders is paramount, Qlixbi meets the challenge.


Qlixbi offers a range of products and services designed by welders to help metal fabrication businesses work safely and more efficiently.


Qlixbi offers innovative physical features giving safety, cost and efficiencybenefits available to support your metal fabrication team and operations.

Why choose Qlixbi

Just Click and Weld:

  • Reduces number of times regulator is attached
  • Less wear and tear on regulators
  • Reduces risk of leaks
  • Downtime reduced
  • On/Off Lever for ease of use at start and end of a job
  • The reserve indicator enables the welder to verify that he has sufficient gas to safely complete the weld

Qlixbi 1

Attach the regulator to the clip-on connector for the first and only time. When the cylinder is empty just uncouple the connector and couple up with a new full cylinder.


On/Off Lever on/off reduces risk of gas leaks and leaving cylinder on overnight or weekends.

Optimum Manoeuvrability:

  • Ergonomic Wheel gives positive control when handling the cylinder
  • 360 rotation of the connector reduces cylinder movements at welding station and enables the pressure gauge to be visible at all times

Qlixbi man

Ergonomic wheel allows easy and safer transportation of cylinders.


33 litre 300 bar cylinders offer a very useful alternative to 50 litre 230 bar cylinders as contain very similar amounts of gas but are shorter in height, more stable and much easier to handle.

Crane man

Cylinders are suitable for crane-lifting (up to 1m height) reducing the risk of injury when moving cylinders across the shop floor.

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