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It is a very innovative cylinder valve with a built-in pressure regulator intended to equip argon, and argon mixture cylinders, for the cylinder size 33 litres and for pressures 300 bars.

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Bult-in regulator
Built-in regulator
  • Simply connect the hose and get to work
  • No need to buy a separate regulator
  • No more exposure to high pressure gas flow
On/off lever
On/off lever
  • Immediate gas cut-off
  • On/off status at a glance
  • Quick connect for Ar/Ar mix
Shock-absorbing cap
  • Easy handling with pommel
  • Permanent, reliable protection for the valve and regulator
Shock absorbing cap
Permanent pressure gauge
  • At a glance content monitoring
  • Get a reading even when flow is stopped
Permanent pressure gauge

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