May Your Days Be Merry and Bright!

7 Ways That Our Industrial Gases are Spreading Cheer this Christmas

Gas is part of everyday life but more so at Christmas. Here are some surprising ways that our industrial gases are putting the fizz into your festive fun.

Christmas is coming and, for most Brits, that means a whole season of fun! Between the parties and the house guests, the ‘Secret Santa’ exchange and the tables laden with the perfect festive finger foods, most families will be going all-out to celebrate in style.

But did you know that our natural gas products are making these Christmas traditions possible? Here are seven surprising ways that industrial gases are helping your festivities go with a bang.

1. Cold December Nights

With the dark, chilly nights upon us, we all want our homes to be warm and toasty. For the four million British homes that don’t have access to mains gas, LPG is essential for heating the home. But even if you do have a mains gas heating system, heating those conservatories and spare rooms that you only use for festive guests isn’t always practical. Luckily, there’s a wide range of LPG portable heaters on the market that can make even the coldest spots feel warm and inviting. LPG warms a room up much faster than most electric heaters – and you can even get models with a real flame effect, for that Christmas cosy glow.

2. Raise your Glass

Are you a real ale enthusiast or Team Fizz? Draft beer systems may look complicated but it’s really just industrial gas that’s squeezing the keg and pushing fresh beer out through the tap for the perfect, festive pint. And if, like us, you think that a party wouldn’t be a party without some quality champagne bubbles, know that it’s carbon dioxide providing the fizz.

3. It’s Panto Time! (Oh No it Isn’t...)

Christmas is the time of year when the panto comes to town! This peculiarly British form of entertainment ties slapstick, music and audience participation to delight the kids and entertain the crowds. But behind the thigh-slapping and the well-worn jokes lies a good amount of industrial gas, lighting the pyrotechnics, firing the confetti cannons and powering the dry ice. Altogether now...he’s behind you!

Helium is the second-lightest element in the universe.

It’s carbon dioxide providing the fizz.

Industrial gases are used to protect grapes on the vine.

 LPG is a reliable and clean-burning fuel.

4. Chestnuts Roasting on An Open Fire

From the sweet aroma of roasting chestnuts to the glimmer of a thousand twinkling lights, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a visit to a festive market. Markets and fairs are the ultimate pop-up, appearing for just a few weeks over the holiday season, and many exist off-grid. This means they’re going to need a fuel source that can be easily transported, connected and turned up on demand. Keeping the air clean is important too, which is why Christmas markets power up on LPG, a reliable and clean-burning fuel.

5. The Goose is Getting Fat

Nobody wants to eat dry turkey, which is why retailers store the birds in chillers and freezer units to freeze in the freshness. These systems lock in moisture and nutrients – and they’re powered by industrial refrigerant gas. Love your sprouts? We use an optimal blend of three food-grade gases – carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen – as modified atmosphere packaging. This seals your veg (and your meats, nuts and favourite snacks) in a protective atmosphere, so they stay fresher for longer.

6. Mistletoe and Wine

Turkey with all the trimmings – or your favourite meat-free option – wouldn’t be the same without a decent bottle of wine. And guess what? Industrial gases are used here too, to protect grapes on the vine and ensure you get the perfect wine with your meal.

So next time you’re checking off your Christmas shopping list, with enough festive food and drinks to make Santa eat his jolly old heart out, remember – it’s all thanks to industrial gas!