Boldon CA Under-12 Girls’ team,

One of the most impressive girls’ teams in the Northeast.

Girls Football Team Smashes It with Energas Kit Sponsorship Deal

Twenty-one matches played, 21 matches won, 136 goals scored with an average of 6.4 goals a 
game—any professional football team would be thrilled with these statistics. But this outstanding performance was not achieved by Manchester City or Arsenal. No, it was carried out by the Boldon Community Association Under-12 Girls’ team, one of the oldest and most impressive girls’ teams in the Northeast.

And their dominance came in a football league made up entirely of boys!


Boldon Score with Energas Kit Sponsorship


Boldon CA Girls has a great history and is known all over the country for its training scheme. The club has produced huge numbers of famous players, including members of the women’s premier league and some incredibly talented England international ladies’ team players. The girls train hard and have a great passion and love of the game, and they’re backed by a fantastic coach who is dedicated to improving their prominence on the pitch.

Despite this, like many grassroots squads, Boldon Girls was funded on enthusiasm alone. Donations came exclusively from parents and local fundraising efforts, and the club were struggling to afford new kit for the team.

Now, investing in the communities in which we do business is a key motivator for Energas. We thought that these talented girls deserved more than hand-me-downs and were delighted to sponsor the girls so they could buy some 'proper' kit. “The sponsorship was an enormous help to us,” said Chris Brown, the team’s manager. “The sponsor money enabled us to buy our home kits in distinctive club colours.” And don’t they look smart?


The sponsorship was an enormous help to us.

The sponsor money enabled us to buy our home kits in distinctive club colours.

While wearing the Energas kit, the girls won four national titles.

Supporting Our Customers and Communities


Grassroots football brings huge benefits to children, and it’s not exactly a surprise that when you give youngsters the financial support they need to succeed, they perform better. These talented youngsters have achieved so much, and that’s all thanks to the hard work and dedication of the girls and their coaches. But we do like to support local causes and we hope that our sponsorship gave the girls the extra confidence to embark on a remarkable year of success.

How remarkable? Well, the U12 girls were so good that they were allowed to compete in the local boys’ league in order to improve their skills. And in an undefeated season, the girls finished 16 points ahead of their closest male rivals to lift the trophy. And that was only the start.

“As well as winning many local tournaments from Northumberland to North Yorkshire, the girls participated in many tournaments throughout the UK in locations including Manchester, Nottingham, Skegness, Hull, Birmingham and St George’s Park (England national team’s base) twice,” Chris Brown said. “While wearing the Energas kit, the girls won four national titles. This included two national 9v9 tournaments, which is the format for U11 and U12 age groups, the national Five-a-Side championships and the national FA Futsal championships—the only team from the north east to win.” What an incredible achievement!

Boldon CA Girls was an obvious recipient for our sponsorship, allowing us to invest in our core customer base and support our local communities. We’re delighted to see coverage of the girls’ success in local newspapers and websites keeping both the team and our brand front of mind with the players’ families and supporters—many of whom come to us for gas even if it’s just for a BBQ.

It’s great to see how well the girls are doing and we’re excited to see the club grow as they attract new players and hopefully continue their stellar success.

Three cheers for Boldon CA Girls!